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Organizing and Holding Press Conferences


    A press conference in UNIAN news agency is much more than just a meeting with journalists. To make sure of the high effectiveness of UNIAN’s press conferences, one should just view any TV-news broadcast or to read any issue of a central newspaper. There for sure will be the materials, based on the press conferences that were held by UNIAN.


    Thus, ordering a press conference in our conference hall at Khreshchatyk, you get a guarantee that journalists of the leading capital editions and foreign correspondents will be informed about it in advance. Besides, UNIAN has an opportunity to involve journalists practically from all the regions of Ukraine or world countries, as well as thousands of Internet users in Ukraine and the world.

     For that, our agency, the first in Ukraine, began to conduct press conferences in the Internet. During a press conference, which is held in the UNIAN conference hall, and, simultaneously, in the Internet, its participants answer questions from the hall and the Internet by turn. Such a conference may be broadcast in the Internet simultaneously in three regimes – as a text, as a live audio or video broadcast. It gives all Internet-users, regardless of their equipment, an opportunity to promptly receive the information directly from the conference-hall.


     During a press conference, our photo-correspondent takes pictures of the event by an electronic camera, with recording at CD ROM. You may order the pictures of an UNIAN press conference in addition to the main packet of services. At Your request, the pictures that you consider the most interesting may be exhibited in the UNIAN’s photo-showcases.

     For conducting presentations, the UNIAN’s hall is equipped with a plasma TV-set, with a diagonal at 106cm, and reading devices for any carriers.

    To recall a conference, held in UNIAN, you may also order a video-stenogram of the press conference.

    There is also enough of space in the UNIAN’s conference hall for posting your banners and advertising.

The main packet of services for organizing and holding a press conference


  • drawing up the text of announcement;
  • announcing the press conference in UNIAN-Announcement bulletin, with posting at web site;
  • disseminating the announcement among the UNIAN-Announcement clients database ;
  • providing with the hall, microphones, opportunities for posting banners and stands, air-conditioning;
  • allowing to attend a press conferences only by passes;
  • recording the journalists who arrived;
  • attending a press conference by an UNIAN correspondent;
  • publishing a news about a press conference in 2-3 news bulletins of UNIAN, with their disseminating among subscribers;
  • posting a news about a press conference at;
  • if accorded with the Customer, holding a press conference by an UNIAN employee;
  • preparing name-tables at request of the Customer;
  • producing a photo-report about a press conference, with its recording at CD ROM and posting the pictures with a text at the UNIAN’s photo-site, along with its distributing among the UNIAN clients.
Additional Services


  • conducting a preliminary accreditation to the press conference by telephone or fax,
  • preparing a special exclusive issue of UNIAN-Announcement
  • providing with a monitor for demonstrations
  • conducting a press conference in the hall of the Customer, in a leased hall, an exhibition pavillion, etc. – 800 hryvnias (~$150);
  • holding a press conference in the conference-hall, and, simultaneously, in the Internet, with preparing a text on-line protocol (chat-regime+web-cam)
  •    - with a text-protocol and a live audio-broadcasting
  •    - with a chat-protocol, audio-broadcasting, and real-video-broadcasting
  • providing a press conference with a consecutive interpreting from/to Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German languages
  • audio-recording the conference
  • video-recording (video-protocol) the conference at VHS cassette
  • producing a digital video-protocol of a press-conference;
  • video-recording by three professional cameras (without cutting)
  • posting pictures of the press conference at the UNIAN photo-site, with allowing everybody interested to load them free of charge
  • preparing a stand-up meal;
  • monitoring publications in central mass media (magazines and newspapers, six leading televisions, radios, and the Internet) on the theme of the press conference during 10 days since the press conference;

UNIAN improves conditions for reporters and journalists – free of charge Internet access through a Wi-Fi technology is possible in a press center.

In case you need Internet during a press conference, you can easily launch it through a wireless network. DHCP protocol usage guarantees a simple and a fast connection setting. Everything you need is to switch on Wi-Fi, if it is switched off, and choose network (if the network was not found automatically, launch a search).

Technical support of this service is provided by UNIAN partner company Wnet (LLC “Double-U-Net”).

Contacts: .: (044) ./. 279-35-23

Audio and video-recording in the Internet of press conferences, briefings, other measures, held in the UNIAN press-room.

If you would like your press conference or any other event, held in the UNIAN’s press-hall, to be seen (or heard) anywhere in Ukraine or the world in the direct air – You will enjoy this opportunity thanks to a new technology of stream broadcasting in the Internet.

The broadcasting is available through the links:



To see the video, an Internet-user just has to have a computer with Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP), with WindowsMediaPlayer installed (version 6 or higher), or Linux with installed programs mplayer or VLC (Videolan Client).

To hear the audio-version, one may apply any standard Internet audio-player (WindowsMedia Player, WinAmp, RealPlayer, VLC, etc.).

The broadcasting is held in the format of WindowsMedia Video 6 (the size of the shot makes 288x230, the codec WMV2, 32kb/s MP3, 25 shots/s) – video and MP3-audio (64kb/s MP3).

For a normal review of the video, a connection to the Internet is necessary with a channel at not less of 256 kb/s, for the audio – not less than 64 kb/s.

By an additional agreement, links to the Internet video-audio broadcasting may be posted at the web-resources of the Customer. In addition, the information may be recorded in a high definition (up to 720X576).

The technical maintenance of the service is provided by UNIAN’s partner – Wnet Ltd. (



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